About Us

3rd Wave has been in business since 1995. Our team has managed and developed large, complex, data-intensive IT projects as well as smaller-size efforts. We have over 50 years of combined IT experience which provides the knowledge of what it takes to successfully design and implement applications and websites that can be effectively managed and are scaleable to accomodate growth. We specialize in data-driven applications that utilize the power of effectively designed databases to sustain and support both the site and related business processes over the long haul. And our small size means that when we take on a project, you get the resources of our entire team. When necessary, we can bring on additional resources from our network of specialists, all of whom we have a long working relationship with. This allows us to work on practically any web-based project you have and will provides you with a team that has a proven track record.

Website Consulting & Design Services

Often clients know that they want a website but just don't know where to start. We can help you brainstorm, plan, define and design what your site is all about ... from its look and content to the data interfaces into and from your business systems. We can even work with your existing IT team or designers to help dive deeper into site architecture and data modeling requirements. We bring a strong background of major project development experience to the table.

From a design perspective, we strongly believe that a site's interface should be tailored to the needs of the actual users of your site. Yes, a site has to look great and it's important to present a good first impression -- but your intended audience will only keep coming back if your site provides true value and is intuitive and straight-forward to use.

Software Development Services

Services we offer include database modeling, website development, content creation/management, e-commerce site planning and development, mobile websites and apps, email-based newsletters, blogs and search engine optimization.

Our development team has experience in most current programming languages and scripting technologies.

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