Steelcase Inc.

  • Workplace Snapshot Satisfaction Survey

My work with Steelcase goes back 20+ years. I have worked with their marketing group to develop a host of interactive applications, the latest of which is their Workplace Snapshot survey. This survey, accessible to the global Steelcase salesforce and extensive dealer network, allows Steelcase to capture a "snapshot" view of how their customers view the effectiveness of their current office environment and gauges the satisfaction of employees regarding their work experience. The survey focuses on and measures factors like employee well-being, choice and control and overall workplace effectiveness. Results from the survey are used as a starting point for the sales team to share and design solutions that can help remedy those areas where concerns have been identified by the survey.

A Closer Look ...

This survey website application allows for control over the question types and data collected. After a salesperson logs in to the application, they can set up a new survey for a client, adding in a title, start and end dates, and more. The application supports 6 different languages, allowing for instant translation with the click of the button for Steelcase's global customer base. The translation component is critical to the success of the tool, as the real-time translation not only applies to the front-end survey portion of the tool but also on the reporting side, helping the team to derive meaning from the data they collect. To make survey creation easier, an admin tool was also built that controls the back-end setup of each survey. This makes the creation, finalizing, and reporting for each survey simple and efficient.

Data-driven reporting to facilitate the sales consulting process

A key feature of the survey application is that salespeople can easily understand and capture survey data and charts from the application and incorporate into their own client presentations. They also have the ability to compare their own client's results against results from a Steelcase global study of 14,000+ office workers, either globally or by specific country averages. Furthermore, they can do a deeper dive and look at their client's data by parameters such as job discipline. The survey has been designed to be effectively used to monitor pre- and post-occupancy measures.

This survey tool has been well-received by Steelcase and helps provide a greater understanding of the needs of their customers. With the flexibility and customization options the platform provides, Steelcase is more in touch with current client workplace environments which provides for a more professional, robust and effective sales and consulting engagement.

Dashboards + Design Prototypes

There have been several spin-offs from the survey since it was launched back in 2017. I have created a dashboard site that monitors the quantity of client surveys that have been run. This site provides data breakdowns by month and displays comparisons across fiscal years, as well as more detailed looks at parameters such as country, language, response populations, etc.

I have been working with the consulting arm at Steelcase to define and prototype a potential future survey that will focus on group netwroking and collaboration. This type of activity is a prime example of my work that directly occurs with in-house company project teams to help analyze content, determine requirements and create working prototype designs to define and present a new idea.