CMS (Creative Merchandising Systems)

CMS (Creative Merchandising Systems) is a Grand Rapids based company that produces high quality, attractive display fixtures for supermarkets, convenience stores, bakery departments, specialty wine and retail environments.

Several years ago, CMS asked for help in redesigning their website. At the time, their site was a small site that consisted of basic "about us" type information. We vastly expanded the site to include full support for their entire product line of produce, wine bakery and custom retail display fixtures.

A Closer Look ...

A Long-Standing Partnership

We have continued to partner with CMS since the launch of the initial site. Over the past few years, there have been two major design and functional revisions which gets us to the current status of the site. All along, we have continuously worked hand-in-hand with them to maintain, add and update products on the site. This administrative work occurs via tools that we employ to maintain the SQL database that drives all the product information that gets presented on the site. A sub-site that is tailored specifically to a key client's standard product set and ordering process is also part of the mix.

New Architectural Portfolio Site

Currently, we are collaborating with CMS to produce a separate website that will feature and showcase their custom interior architectural millwork and cabinetry. They have designed, manufactured and installed custom millwork and cabinetry for hotels, bars and restuarants, building lobbies, office spaces and retail environments.

Because this is primarily a portfolio site, we decided to create this in WordPress. We created a theme specific for CMS and they will also be trained to support this site themselves moving forward. A classic example of not reinventing the wheel and developing custom software when an off-the-shelf type solution already exists ... and an example of how we work with our clients with a goal to always keep their cost as low as possible.